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The best product to keep your teeth safe during sports or other activities is a mouth guard. There are three varieties: stock mouth guard, boil and bite and custom. Stock mouth guards come pre-formed and ready to wear. However, they will not be an exact fit for your mouth, and can make breathing difficult.

Another common mouth guard treatments is via called boil-and-bite. This type of mouth guards is soaked in hot water until it is soft. Once it has cooled off, you bite into it to help it conform the shape of your teeth and mouth. This type of mouth guard costs a bit more than stock mouth guards, but offer better protection.

A third option for your mouth guard treatment is the custom-made variety. Custom mouth guards are designed by your dentist from an impression of your teeth to fit your exact dental profile. They’re often considered the best form of mouth guard as they are crafted and designed for your exact fit and comfort.

Your mouth guard is not designed to last forever and should be replaced at the start of the sports season, of if it becomes worn, cracked or pitted. You should wash it regularly with soap and water, and rinse it before and after you use it. You should also store it in a ventilated case so they air can dry it.

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